Silica - A crucial mineral for our beauty and health.

Highest Natural Silica Content!

The role of Silica

Silica is important to our body as it is one of the component mineral in the formation of bones, cartilage, skin, hair, and collagen. We lose silica as we get older and lack of it will cause health problems. Since our body cannot produce silica, we must consume foods or drinks that contain silica. 

Good for health

Good Silica is soluble. It has bacteriostatic effect while it removes impurities, activates body cells and relieves inflammation. Human can only absorb ionized and soluble silica in water. 

Silica and Beauty

You might think of collagen when it comes to skin beauty. However, silica is important and necessary for collagen formation. We need both elements, silica and collagen, in order to have soft and elastic skin.

Strengthen bone density

Calcium is well known as bone mineral while collagen is important for bone structure. Collagen is like the "reinforcing bar" whilst calcium is the" concrete" in a building structure. Silica bundles collagen and strengthen bone density altogether.

Where It From and What Can Prove It?

This is "Water Inspection Report" from the Fresh Aqua Japan Ptd Ltd, It's prove of Dr. Silica Water was the highest silica content in the world which is 97mg/L of silica.

The source of Dr. Silica Water is from 200m underground Mount. of Kirishima

Is "Silica" Important?

Every day, our body consume approximately 10 - 40mg of silica. Unfortunately, most of the time, silica intake from our daily foods is not enough for our body system , leading to the decrease of silica level in our body. 

Silica intake from young age, in particular, will help grow stronger bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis. In addition, silica promotes collagen regeneration for skin softening.