What is Dr. Silica Water?
(Background & History)

Kirishima mountains are known as one of the beautiful places and selected as top 100 sceneries in Japan. In Kobayashi City, various fountains coming from Kirishima are found within the city and "IdenoyamaWater" has been selected as one of the top hundred waters by The Ministry of Environment, Japan. Rain and snow go through the natural filters made by volcanic plateau and stored in 200m underground.

Rain water slowly penetrates underground and stored there, where no bacteria exists. This means no chloric sterilization necessary for this mineral water. We can distribute this pure clean water without losing various contents of minerals in the process.

From Northern Kirishima To The World, we deliver natural water.
Our company goal is to have strong value in society.

"City of Kobayashi which is in Miyazaki prefecture, is situated at the base of the Mount Kirishima, is famously known for its rich source of water. Our company vision is to provide a rare, one of a kind natural water delivered to the world, and at the same time to contribute to the environment by implementation of wholesome preservation program. In any circumstances, it is our duty to contribute to the society and we wish for your kind support and guidance.

Our Activity

Among the activities that we carried out to promote Dr. silica water to the world. For example Business Opportunity Preview, Company Social Responsibility and delivery products to customer.

First Malaysia, Then The World

Exclusive To 5 Countries

Dr Silica Sdn Bhd is the first company to export Dr. Silica Water from Kirishima mountain, Japan to the world. Dr Silica Sdn Bhd has right exclusive to marketed in five countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam.

Quality Control and Safety Assurance

Two production lines with latest technology. Adopts high Quality Standards Production.

First production line is for 500mL PET bottles and the second line is for production of 10L, 12L, and 20L bag In Box (BIB). Production capacity per year is approximately 180 million PET bottles and 3.6 million BIBs. Water is pumped up from 130 meters below ground and capable of extracting 2.8 tons of water per minute.

Aseptic filling line.

Natural water is boiled at 125°C to sterilize for 5 seconds and cooled down to 30°C. SACMI is the world's only supplier capable of offering integrated PREFORM + FILLING + CAP system under no germ environment.

Detailed examination.

After a bottle being filled up with water, labeling takes place with SACMI roll labeler. Next, with Kirin Tech System, the appearance, label, cap and water amount are being inspected for inconsistencies or defects. If it does not detect any problem, the machine will start packing the bottles into the cardboard boxes. The size of PET bottle is universal standard of 1881 short neck high, and the weight of Preform is 17.5g.

Strict water analysis.

We have established a special department for the purpose of quality control in the factory. The duty is to ensure all products are at the desired quality by performing checks and analysis for germs, ph balance and final appearance of the product. We also conduct random checks on all outgoing shipments as precaution. We do not compromise when it comes to quality and guarantee high quality product to our valued customers.